Mih Lovin

Mih Lovin

Managing Partner SQUAD influencers, L2 digital, Creative VR/AR studio

Mih Lovin este Managing Partner SQUAD influencers, L2 digital,  Creative VR/AR studio

SQUAD influencers:

influential marketing agency with it’s own talent management infrastructure consisting of creators from TikTok,  Instagram, Youtube.  SQUAD influencers launched the 1st Tik Tok community in RO by enrolling top Romanian creators (2019), launched the 1st micro influencers hub in Instagram (2018). Constantly developing special creative projects alongside top creators: Casa Tik Tok (focusing on Tik Tok lifestyle), Creators Festival (focusing on IG creative curation), SQUAD Academy (focused in digital education)

L2 digital:

Creative Agency specialized in branded content, strategy, and digital campaigns. First advertising agency to handle branded campaigns in Tik Tok and launch official Tik Tok pages for brands, also the 1st one to use Augmented reality filters as effective mechanics for digital campaigns. .

 Creative VR AR

Tech studio specialized in development of immersive projects shaped as Augmented Reality  (AR) experiences like Face filters for Instagram TikTok, Snapchat, and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences. 

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